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How Safe Will They Keep Your Child?

Many young parents today wonder if vaccines are actually safe for their children.  Many wonder if today’s vaccines are causing the upswing in autism disorder.  Additionally, several vaccines are produced from the WI-38 fetal cell line, and it has been found that those contain the human endogenous retrovirus (HERVK), which is associated with lymphoma, other cancers, and other serious diseases.  See the video to the right.




While the FDA has a four-phase approval process for new vaccines, they have not tested the effects of human DNA in vaccines.  Instead, they have relied on opinions of experts who have not done any research. Yet subsequent to FDA approval of Varivax and other DNA-containing vaccines, gene therapy experiments have revealed truth about injection of human DNA: It does insert into a person’s genes.

Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute (SCPI) has thoroughly reviewed safety studies of human DNA in vaccines and FDA review of DNA in vaccines.  The FDA’s meeting transcripts are public information.  The FDA established a maximum allowable limit of human DNA in vaccine doses. When the manufacturers could not meet their standard, the FDA relaxed it to the current limit of ten nanograms per dose. Alarmingly, when Sound Choice Pharmaceutical measured amounts of DNA in actual vials of vaccines, they discovered the DNA levels were much higher, ranging anywhere from 142 nanograms to 2000 nanograms per dose!  Clearly, this is way above the so-called “safe” level of 10ng. Rubella and Havrix  (HepA) were tested. See Press Release 




When the FDA approved Varivax, knowing the high levels of DNA (2000 nanograms), they ordered Merck to do safety studies.  Unfortunately, Merck did studies in mice, not humans; human DNA will not incorporate into mice.




Story About Bubble Boys

Varivax – smaller DNA strands infiltrate more easily

Each vial of Varivax which is injected into babies and young children contains two micrograms, or a trillion pieces of DNA strands!




 These DNA strands have been chopped into shorter pieces as per the FDA’s instructions to theoretically  increase the safety of the vaccine. However, subsequent to FDA approval, it has been learned from gene therapy studies that shorter pieces of DNA can actually enter a person’s genes more easily than longer strands. So unfortunately, the human DNA in Varivax is more likely to insert into a child’s genes, causing mutations and other problems. Again, the FDA did not order actual tests in humans regarding the safety of the DNA levels in the Varivax vaccine, nor any other human DNA-contaminated vaccine.

In 2010, the human endogenous retrovirus (HERVK) was discovered in cell line WI-38, and it is of some concern.    (WI-38 is used to grow the chickenpox and MMR vaccines). Recent findings show higher levels of human endogenous retroviral transcripts in the brains of patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, and in the blood of autism spectrum patients.  It is also associated with autoimmune diseases.      




How much DNA?

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) provides forms which doctors, nurses, and/or parents should submit when they observe adverse reactions to vaccination. Read about it. This database may be searched by anyone here, to see actual reports of vaccine injuries.  While autism won’t show up immediately and thus likely won’t be in the VAERS reports, it is useful to read about immediate vaccine reactions. Select Vaccines, Characteristics, Demographics, Dates in sections 3 thru 6, then click “Find.”  A few minutes' research can reveal a lot of information regarding vaccine injuries.

Vaccine Court

Pharmaceutical companies are not legally responsible in civil court for injuries resulting from vaccines.  Vaccines are different from other medicines in this regard.  However, a federal Vaccine Injury Court does hear cases from concerned families, and has awarded more than two billion dollars of U.S. taxpayer money to vaccine victims for their catastrophic vaccine injuries. Read more 



The Vaccine Safety Datalink is a taxpayer-funded database which tracks detailed information about vaccines, patient reactions, and health histories.  Unfortunately, the federal government very rarely allows research scientists to access the database.  This database could potentially provide much information to the public pertaining to vaccine injury.  It has been kept secret for many years, despite numerous requests from inquiring scientists to gain access to it.


Other Vaccine Contaminants

Other components of vaccines are not healthy for children: The dangerous HerVK virus has been discovered in human cell line WI-38.  

See the first video on this page. 

Aluminum and monosodium glutamate, used to stimulate the baby’s immune system; and formaldehyde are in many childhood vaccines. A comprehensive list of harmful ingredients in vaccines is found on the CDC website: Here 

The Varivax vaccine contains Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), which stabilizes DNA after it has been injected, making it more likely to insert into a child's genome.

In response to heightened concern about the safety of vaccines, one controversial component, thimerosal, which contains high levels of mercury, has mostly been removed from most childhood vaccines in the U.S since 2001, with the exception of some combination vaccines and vaccines for Tetanus. But even “Thimerosal free” vaccines contain 300 ppb of mercury. See Here  


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